Best way is in person

Come to our weekly meetings at MEZ B0.306 @ 7PM every Wednesday to meet other members and learn more about what we have in store for you.

Get rewarded for your participation

With each activity in the organization you'll be earning points. Once you reach 50 points you'll be included in our end-of-the-semester bartab. Being in the top 10 will also get you rewards like a fancy dinner with the officers and maybe more! The following activities have set values:

  • Meetings: 5 pts
  • Events: 3 pts
  • Cultural Excursions: 3 pts
  • Cultural Presentations: 20 pts
  • Volunteering: 5 pts
  • Sports: 3 pts/game
  • Tabling: 3 pts per hour
  • Setting Up and Cleaning UP: 3 pts
  • Wearing a PL Shirt to an Event: 2 pts

It's necessary to keep the org running.. at least for now

Every cent contributed by our members goes back to the members in some form or another. Every event has rental, security costs in addition to costs for drinks and food. Think of it as a large group of friends pitching in for a party. If we ever end up collecting more than we use, the residual goes to our awesome end-of-the year bartab and the fancy Top 10 farewell dinner.

Is it always going to be like that?
We are constantly working on getting more sponsors so that our members get as much value as possible. Become more involved and help us reach our goal of one day having free memberships and events thanks to our sponsor partnerships! To learn more about getting involved check out About Us -> Get Involved

We care about your privacy

Every bit of information transferred between your computer and our server is encrypted with SSL. In addition, all the payment information is handled by a secure state-of-the-art Stripe payment system and never even hits our servers