As a Member

It's simple -- come to events, general meetings, social excursions and earn points. Volunteer to help before and after the events and speak up with ideas during general meetings. We'll also give forum to people to give cultural presentations about their countries.

As a Chair

Introduced to Planet Longhorn in Fall 2012, chair positions are open to any students, international or in-residence, that are looking to get more involved in the organization. An unlimited number of chair positions may be created, and a chair’s responsibilities may change each semester. To create a chair position, a member of Planet Longhorn simply must propose their idea to an officer at any time during the semester. The officer corps then collectively decides if the position can be utilized, and, if approved, the president decides what officer will be responsible for it. If necessary, chairs are distributed time to talk during the weekly meetings. Chairs help to not only get people involved, but to create depth within the organization by introducing activities or features that an officer would likely have trouble finding the time for. Examples of chair positions and their breadth in duties include:

  • Sports Chair – responsible for intramural sports
  • Volleyball Chair – responsible for only intramural volleyball
  • Design Chair – assists in the designing of flyer, posters, and shirt
  • T-shirt Chair – responsible for the purchasing and distribution of PL T-shirts
  • Alumni Chair – responsible for gathering the contact information of past members for those studying abroad
  • Language Chair – responsible for organizing opportunities for students to practice their second language with natives
  • Photography Chair – responsible for taking pictures at events

As an Officer

Officer positions have the highest level of involvement. We hold democratic officer elections at the end of each semester where contenders give a speech about their qualifications and what they can bring to the organizations. Our officers are very dedicated to the organization and work constantly on improving Planet Longhorn by providing more value to our valued members. Below are descriptions of each officer position:


The Historian is a multi-faceted position that has become increasingly important since the introduction of the point system. The Historian must maintain a record of all members of Planet Longhorn, including their attendance to meetings/events, status within the organization, and current points earned. Additionally, he or she is responsible for distributing the meeting minutes and monthly newsletters to the Planet Longhorn community, along with taking (and posting) pictures at all related events. The Historian often appoints multiple chairs to assist in duties.


The Treasurer is the only officer aside from the President and Vice President that has access to Planet Longhorn’s banking accounts, including PayPal. It is his or her duty to keep track of all finances coming in and out of the organization, and must be able to provide a report of all transactions at a moment’s notice. While maintaining a financial record (usually a detailed spreadsheet), the Treasurer must allocate an appropriate portion of the budget to each event, collect all receipts, reimburse members if necessary, check accounts regularly, provide the Historian with a list of paid members, and give the Director of Community Affairs financial access at times of donation.

Directors of Events

Being primarily a social organization, events are the bread and butter of Planet Longhorn. Thus, there are 2 Directors of Events every semester. The Directors of Events must work together to schedule and execute all events hosted or sponsored by Planet Longhorn. An ideal candidate for a Director of Events must not only feel comfortable contacting venues and business owners (of all types), but must also work well under pressure, display superb time-management skills, and have enough creativity to make the best of any situation. In order to diversify events for people of all types and avoid major scheduling conflicts, it is essential for a Director of Events to stay open-minded and up-to-date on the happenings around Texas.

Director of Student Affairs

The Director of Student Affairs is the face of the organization when it comes to the individual student. Being responsible for outreach to both incoming exchange students and current University of Texas students, the Director of Student Affairs must first possess a solid understanding of the UT campus and its events (especially fairs), then fully utilize social media, marketing creativity, and excellent people-skills to bring Planet Longhorn to light for unaware people. The Director of Student Affairs is also responsible for creating weekly events that will unite members and casually highlight Austin’s best features, along with Airport Pickups and addressing questions/concerns presented to the organization by individuals. Often, the tasks of Student Affairs overlap with Community Affairs, and the two directors will find themselves working together.

Director of Community Affairs

The Director of Community Affairs is the middleman for all of Planet Longhorn’s communications with other organizations, big or small, school-related or not. It is for that reason that he or she doubles as the “Kiva ambassador” for the organization, managing all money donated by/through Planet Longhorn and ultimately making the final decisions of how it is distributed to assure a diversified portfolio. The Director of Community Affairs must consequently feel comfortable managing money and taking extra steps to maintain contact with organizations for various reasons (joint parties or fundraisers, for example). He or she is also responsible for (appointing a chair for) Planet Longhorn’s intramural sports. Often, the tasks of Community Affairs overlap with Student Affairs, and the two directors will find themselves working together.

Director of Business Relations

The Director of Business Relations is responsible for all of Planet Longhorn’s contact with business entities. He or she usually takes lead in contacting local businesses and agreeing on terms for profit-shares, the buying of ad-space on the website, Kiva donations, sponsoring the organization itself, and more. Planet Longhorn is often able to make investments and create ideal discounts/opportunities for members because of the Director of Business Relations’ individual effort (in-person, over the phone, and through email) and ability to create long-lasting relationships with business owners.

Director of Web Management

The Director of Web Management’s workload is often underestimated, but this is a leadership position for good reason. As the name implies, their main role is keeping the Planet Longhorn website current and fully functional; past experience running websites (currently through WordPress) or an extreme willingness to learn helps. However, since all officers’ duties are reflected on the website to some degree, an ideal Director of Web Management must be a part of– or fully understand– every single decision made by the officer corps, inheriting a “jack-of-all-trades” attitude. In addition, they are responsible for posting meeting and event updates on Planet Longhorn’s Facebook groups and Twitter. It would not be much of an exaggeration to say that he or she, more than any other, has the most control over Planet Longhorn’s image.